Regenerative Farm & Botanicals in Chattaroy, WA
Regenerative Farm & Botanicals in Chattaroy, WA
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A Little Bit More About Us: 

We started the farm in 2017. Neither of us grew up farming, and we don’t have a great explanation for how we became farmers – we just love food. It’s our main motivation for farming. We grow vegetables that we love to eat; we cook our meals with produce we’ve just picked from the fields; and we take great pleasure in sharing the abundance with friends, neighbors, and CSA members.

When we say we’re a small farm, we mean very small: just about an acre. We farm by hand, without a tractor, because we like keeping our feet on the ground, and it allows us to focus on growing the highest quality produce we can. By not tilling and not using a tractor, we’re able to build very fertile soil that supports healthy plants and nutrient-dense food.
Since we’re so small, we focus on making every square foot count. We grow intensively, choosing our crops carefully and spacing them closely, and we replant beds as many as six times a year. Our focus on building fertile soil supports this level of production and allows us to grow year-round.

We began crafting our own botanical products when we began struggling to have children in 2020. We learned through my struggles with infertility that certain ingredients and plastics in many of the products I was using were impacting my egg quality. I wanted to create products that were free from parabens, phthalates, paraffins, and bpas to not only help myself, but help others as well. All of my products are free from all of those ingredients and stored in jars made from glass, tin, or kraft paper. I make all these products on my regenerative farmstead in Chattaroy, Washington in small batches. 

Interested in carrying our produce or botanicals?

We would love to have you! Please fill out the contact form below and we will contact you to discuss your needs. Please include in your message the name of your store. Once you are an approved vendor we will send you a secure link where you can place wholesale orders. 

Find Our Products at: 

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The Local in Deer Park, WA

Trios Gift Shop in Kennewick, WA

Boco Beauty in Belhaven, NC 



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